There are numerous ways you can get involved and help AFAN achieve its goals. We have a variety of special events that appeal to just about every interest, awesome volunteer opportunities as a Friend of AFAN, corporate sponsorships and even support for the kids of our clients. Below is just a brief explanation of some of the ways you too can truly make a difference.


There are a few simple ways to raise money fast and we are happy to share them with you. We also love partnering with members of the community to host different types of fundraising events. If you are interested in creating or hosting an event simply fill out our fundraising form and someone will be in touch with you.

Find a Cure Panel

If you are someone who is living with HIV/AIDS you can register with this panel which will send surveys about different medications when they are available. AFAN will be awarded a minimum of $25 for each completed survey.

Friends of AFAN

Don’t just sit there, Volunteer. Our Friends of AFAN are a group of very compassionate and committed people who help with everything from transportation, house cleaning, administrative duties and to just being a great friend to those in need of a little extra love and care.


Being a supporter of AFAN keeps you involved with your community as well as giving you a great feeling of helping others. If you are interested in becoming an AFAN supporter please contact us.